Please use this sign up form if you are interested in rowing or coxing for Keble, to receive more information about the club, and for signing up to the taster sessions & swim test: KCBC registration form

Key Dates for Michaelmas Term:

  • Keble Fresher’s Fair: Thursday Week 0 (4th Oct), ARCO Basement, 16:00-18:00
  • Swim Test (Compulsory for all rowers & coxes – University run): (Slots used by Keble TBA) Sunday Week 1 (7 Oct) 14:00-19:00, Thursday Week 1 (13 Oct) 17:00-22:00
  • Coxing Briefing (Compulsory for coxes – University run):¬†Monday Week 1 (8 Oct) 19:45, Sunday Week 2 (14 Oct) 19:45
  • Taster Session (on the water): Saturday Week 0, 10AM-12PM, Sunday Week 0, 9:30-12;30 AM
  • Taster Session (in the OUBC Rowing Tank): Saturday Week 0,¬† 4-6PM, Monday Week 1, 5-7PM, Friday Week 1, 4-6PM
  • Welcome Meeting: TBC
  • Christ Church Regatta: Wednesday-Saturday Week 7 (21-24 Nov)

Rowing is something that everyone who comes to Oxford should at least try. KCBC is one of the larger sports groups in the college, and welcomes any Keble student, no matter their previous level of experience, or level of commitment; we cater for anyone, whether they intend to be on the water every day of the week training hard for M1/W1 boats, just want a little bit of exercise and camaraderie to de-stress a couple of times a week, or anything in between. There is also a busy social schedule, with regular crewdates, black tie meals and general drinks nights, making KCBC a superb way to meet new people as soon as you get to Oxford.

Do not be intimidated if you have never even seen a rowing boat before – we recruit many novice rowers & coxswains every year, and expect to have two men’s and women’s Eights in our novice training programme in Michaelmas. Many people who start as complete novices end up competing in the top boats. We really are open to everyone – it is simply not true that you need to be tall and muscular to row, or tiny to cox; many good college athletes are far from the stereotypical image you would expect.

In Michaelmas term, will receive high quality coaching and learn the basics in no time, then end the term by competing against novices from other colleges in Christ Church Regatta. After this, you will be more than ready for the novice & senior squads to merge together to prepare for Henley Boat Races, Torpids & Summer Eights, as well as having opportunities to enter other smaller competitions like City Bumps, IWL and Oriel Regatta. We run a deep squad, entering competitive boats across the divisions – every individual athlete is equally important to us, and it is a top priority that every single boat has a good chance of winning blades!

If you have previous rowing experience, you are likely to be able to go straight into the senior squad – our coaches will decide what is appropriate.

If you have any questions, please email our captains on!


Michael Hobley coxing W1 to quick bump on Teddy Hall W1 on Wednesday of Summer Eights 2016

Team photo of the 'MTru' after winning blades at Summer Eights 2016

The ‘MTru’ after winning blades at Summer Eights 2016


Aerial footage of a training session in February 2015, thanks to Hollywood Drones ltd!

There is also an annual beer boat for Summer Eights, which brings together a bunch of people who are unable to train regularly but would like to join in with the fun. It serves as a fitting reminder to rugby players that there is more to rowing than just pulling hard on an erg!


M5 Beer Boat at Summer Eights 2015

M5 Beer Boat at Summer Eights 2015